10 Best Things to Do in Marathon, Florida

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The city of Marathon in the Florida Keys is a treasure worth exploring. The place offers memorable and fun-packed aquatic, dining, and living experiences that will make you want to revisit it all the time or even make you wish never to leave.

You should see the charm of Marathon, Florida, especially if you are a wanderlust!

Of course, we won’t let you explore this beautiful location empty-handed, so we’ve made this list of the ten best things to do in Marathon, FL, to make your trip a core memory!

1. Visit Sombrero Beach

Visit Sombrero Beach

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Sombrero Beach on Marathon Key is a quaint place, and it is often considered one of the Florida Keys’ best-kept beach secrets.

There are places on the beach where you can set up a picnic, play volleyball, play with the kids, and more. Bathrooms are also available, as well as parking.

The Dolphin Research Center is a fantastic destination that draws many tourists annually. It is a dolphinarium that spans a total area of 90,000 square feet and is home to several dolphins and California sea lions. This is an excellent place to visit if you are interested in marine life!

Discover the Turtle Hospital

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Visitors pay an admission fee to assist the Marathon Turtle Hospital’s objective to save and rehabilitate wounded sea turtles annually. There are multiple sessions of a 90-minute instructional tour offered each day.

Locals and tourists can help injured and sick turtles that need emergent care. If you want to save and be part of this unique opportunity, it is better to head over to Turtle Hospital today and have a memorable marine experience!

Experience Crane Point Museum & Nature Center

The Crane Point Museum & Nature Center is a family and children-friendly place you can visit in Marathon, FL.

In the museum, tourists will see the ruins of a real pirate ship and learn about the history of the original residents of the Florida Keys, as well as the early explorers, pioneers, and builders of the “Railroad That Died at Sea.”

The nature center has a hammock forest for the birds that visitors can watch using the binoculars provided on the site.

5. Dive into Aquatic Adventures

Dive into Aquatic Adventures

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In Marathon, FL, one of the top things you should take advantage of is diving into the offered aquatic adventures.

Don’t be afraid if it’s your first time! Every pro started as a beginner! Some aquatic adventures you can try are boating, kayaking, snorkeling, going to aquariums, going on eco-tours, and many more.

Here are some of the facilities that offer aquatic services within and near Marathon, FL:

6. Savor Fresh Seafood

Savor Fresh Seafood

Photo by Jerry Shen on Unsplash

Most dining establishments in Marathon, FL, offer mouthwatering fresh seafood like lobsters, crabs, fishes, shrimps, and many more. Here are our seafood restaurant recommendations near Marathon, FL:

  • Key Fisheries – Aside from dining, Key Fisheries also offers a seafood market to patrons and tourists where they can buy fresh seafood and cook it themselves.
  • Barracuda Grill – The place to go for deliciously grilled steak or seafood!
  • Island Fish Company – Enjoy a stunning sunset view in Island Fish Co. while savoring a hearty seafood meal.

7. Go Fishing

Go Fishing

Invite your dad, kids, spouse, or friend to a fishing spot where you can relax and talk while waiting for a fish to take your bait.

If you are an avid angler or want to try fishing for the first time, fishing in Marathon, FL, is a must-try. Some of the fishing charters we recommend are Captain Jay Charters and March Forth Charters.

Remember to add a relaxing day at the beach to your list of things to do at Marathon, FL! Bahia Honda State Park Beach is the place to go for a slow and relaxing day under the bright Florida sun and glistening waters. Families can also camp, kayak, bike, fish, swim, and buy gifts from the gift shop.

The state park beach is 19 minutes away from Marathon and is one of the peaceful beaches for the whole family to enjoy together. You will feel you’re in the ultimate vacation mode in Bahia Honda State Park Beach!

9. Enjoy Sunset Celebrations

Another must-experience in Marathon, FL, is the sunset celebration. Some cruises offer tours where you and your loved ones can relax on the deck while watching the stunning Florida Keys sunset.

Other establishments like Key Fisheries also offer a great sunset view. As the sun sets, you may enjoy the drink of your choice while the calm waters of Marathon, FL, come to life with a stunning display of colors.

The hues of orange and yellow dance across the sky and reflect off the waves, creating an unforgettable scene. It’s a picture-perfect moment that you should not miss!

10. Experience Marathon's Festivals

Experience Marathon's Festivals

Remember to save the best for last! As you conclude your visit to Marathon, FL, be sure to take part in one of the city’s entertaining festivals.

Here are some of the festivals in and around Marathon, FL, that you may want to join in for some fun:

Over 20,000 people attend the annual Marathon Seafood Festival, making it the second largest festival in the Florida Keys.

They offer reasonably priced seafood meals and good music. If you’re looking for fantastic, fresh seafood and excitement in the Florida Keys, it’s better to join the fun every Marathon Seafood Festival!

You and your loved ones can feast on delicious food and enjoy exciting performances for two days.

A cozy, nightly event that starts two hours before sunset, happening every day of the year. This event showcases locally crafted goods, hosts internationally renowned performers, and offers delicious food options.

Adults are invited to a 10-day paradise party called Fantasy Fest every year. One of the main attractions of this festival is the float during the parade.

10 Best Things to Do in Marathon, Florida

Wrap Up

Marathon, FL, is a gem that can surely captivate your heart with its beauty and tranquility. The city’s leisure and recreation opportunities are a must-see and visit, especially if you are a tourist looking for a serene yet fun place to unwind.

Overall, Marathon is an excellent place for a quick escape and to enjoy the beautiful Florida Keys, offering an idyllic setting for a memorable and rejuvenating vacation.

Let us hear your thoughts if you know of other fantastic things to do in Marathon, FL! We can briefly discuss this by calling 305-912-2177 or sending us a message via tracy@thebeautifulkeys.com. You can also connect with our team through our Facebook page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to visit and explore Marathon, FL, is usually from November through March, especially if you want more time outdoors. The weather is pleasant throughout this period, with temperatures varying between 18.8 degrees Celsius and 28.8 degrees Celsius.

No. However, to ensure that you have a safe and pleasurable experience, it is encouraged that you have some basic kayaking skills. The city of Marathon is home to several kayaking tour companies that provide escorted activities through the mangroves. Keys Kayak, AquaVentures Eco Tours, and Caribbean Kayaking Tours are well-liked choices among travelers.

These tours suit travelers of any level of experience, including novices. Before the start of the tour, they brief you on the fundamentals of kayaking and safety procedures.

The tour guides will stay with you to watch for your well-being, respond to questions, and ensure an enjoyable experience while keeping you safe.

They are focused on providing both. The Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, Florida, offers informative talks and guided tours on the local marine life and the surrounding environment. In addition, visitors can participate in engaging activities provided by the research center.